Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just some random thoughts after I was listening to the radio. I apologize in advance if it is offensive in anyway...

This is what transpired while an effeminate caller called the psychic..

Caller:  Hi , My sister is having a baby and I want to know what Gender the baby will be.
Radio DJ's : Why? Because you want to  know if you are going to be an Aunty or an Uncle?
Psychic:  I'm not going to answer because the parents may not want to know.. put your sister on the phone...
Caller's sister: Hello
DJ's: How long has your brother known he was funny kine?
Caller's sister:  Since her was three... he was born that way...
DJ's : How come took him three years then?
After she hangs up another mahu caller calls in
Mahu caller:  I told you ding-a lings that you are either born that way or you are 'sucked" into it bwahahaha

Me:  Half crying laughing already
That reminds me of some mahu jokes...
What do gay cow's drink.?.  In a gay voice haaaaayyyy ( I guess you have to hear it )
What did the filipino bakla say when he saw two handsome guys?  I like Boto dem
How does a kumu hula answer the phone? Halau
How many letters in the mahu alphabet ?  1  Aiy

Just remember that even though the grass lo0ks greener on the other side... you still have to cover your ass...

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