Friday, November 20, 2015

Can't take my friends in Public

How would my friends use Namaste in a sentence?
Me: You guys want to go out?
Tracy: Namaste my ass at home ( Nah I'm going to stay my ass at home)

I have become the official translator of the group...
I remember going to Magic Mountain and Tracy ordering ..
Tracy : I likeonecokelataice ( In one breath )
Concession Lady: What language is he speaking?
Me: Oh ... He would like a Cola and could you put a lot of ice in it?
Bwahaha  Tracy even told me that when he was living in L.A. they thought he had an accent like boxer Riddick Bowe.
ron burgundy finishes drink quickly gif Anchorman Will Ferrell Imgur
On another occasion while dining at Sambo's near Disneyland

Waitress :  Would you like Soup or Salad?
Wayne :  Yeah
Waitress:  {Repeats} Soup or Salad?
Wayne : Yeah
Waitress: {Frustrated} Soup or Salad?
Us :  "Wayne, she like know if you  want a Soup or a Salad?"
Wayne:  Oh?  I thought she was asking if I wanted a "super salad" stupid Wayne laugh that sounds like buhhaha

Then you have My WELL EDUCATED, ARTICULATE kids...  just the opposite of my friends.
At a barbecue:
James to my oldest son : Troy , go grind burah
Troy whispering to me :  Dad, I don't know what they are saying..
Me to James : Eh, my kids don't speak pidgin
James: Sorry, Troy would you like to partake in some food...

Then again maybe it is my son

At the Padre stadium the usher was handing out old baseball cards to the kids if they could solve math problems.

Usher to Troy : Eight plus eight
Troy; {puzzled}
Usher: Eight plus eight..
Troy : {still no answer}
Me: Troy what is eight plus eight?
Troy: Oh, 16... whispers to me " I thought he was calling me a pussy"